Maloney's Marauders 2

Friday 6th June 2014

Maloney's Marauders 2

Malonie’s Marauders

Episode 2 Postponed due to unforeseen (but widely forecast) weather conditions……

North Down 3rd XI were expecting to make the trip to Holywood on Saturday in search of fame and fortune under the bright lights of Tinsel Town but due to extreme weather conditions (rain and flooding leaving Holywood under water as shown below) the pitch was deemed unplayable and the match called off before the team could depart. The episode will be reshown at a later date when budding young stars like Adams, Malone and Moreland will be able properly showcase their talents and earn their very own star on the North Down 3rds Walk of Fame……


The Adventures of Malonie's Marauders

Episode 3: 3rd10 defend the Hot Gates of the Green

Following the disappointing postponement of Episode 2 due to weather, the hit new series returns with Episode 3 as Malonie’s Marauders take on the might of Saintfield 2nd XI with another under strength team. How will the brave men and women of the 3rd XI cope with this challenge?



Keith Malone

Billy Adams

Brian Burgess

And a cast of several


The 3rd XI again took to the field with only ten players as they continued their tradition (of one match) of fighting against the odds. Skipper Malone led his team in the field first again and decided to open the bowling with the stars of the Donaghcloney game, Adams and Gilliland (four wickets apiece then…… less this time). Saintfield made a steady start against these two experienced campaigners and it took several overs before Adams made the breakthrough. Unfortunately this brought Viner to the wicket and he set about building the Saintfield total. With only skipper Wily Malonie a recognized bowler among the rest of the team he had to shuffle the pack rotating his young players as he searched for more bowlers. Even wicket keeper Brian Burgess was pressed into service as a bowler leading to last year’s captain the Great Grey taking over with the gloves and providing the watching crowd with some entertainment as he valiantly attempted to stop (and occasionally catch) the ball behind the stumps. Unfortunately with help of extras the score soon mounted as McConnell reached the forties and Viner made a century. A cluster of late(ish) wickets including one for Malone and another for Adams helped restrict the total to a mere 262 off 35 overs.

With that daunting total requiring a chase at seven an over and a team shorn of much of its batting talent things were looking grim for the Marauders at the half way mark but this team never gives up and set out determined to win the game…

The experienced pair of John Gilliland and David Moreland opened the North Down innings and as the leading batsmen in the team much was expected of these men. However, hopes that they would blaze North Down to a famous victory soon diminished as Moreland was dismissed in the first over and Gilliland in the third. This left Billy Adams and Brian Burgess looking down the barrel at 14-2. In the face of adversity, these two dug deep, put their hands up and came to the party forming a magnificent partnership. Lusty blows were struck and easy twos turned into scampered singles as the pair soldiered on. Hopes raised as the partnership passed first 50, then 100 and even 150. Brian Burgess reached a well-deserved first ever half century and then continued on. As hope grew and victory appeared possible Lady Luck made an unfortunate intervention. Having reached 97 and just one blow from a maiden century Budgie tried one big shot too many and was caught out ending the magnificent partnership on 193. At the other end, Billy Adams had just reached his own fifty and as is so often the case in these monster partnerships one wicket quickly brought another as he fell with the score unchanged from the dismissal of Burgess on 207. This left Graham Moreland and the

youngsters to try smash the required runs of the final few overs. Despite a brave effort, three ducks followed in quack succession and all Keith Malone and Sandie Harrison could do was complete the innings and bring the score to a respectable 232 for 7.

While this game may have ended in heroic defeat for the Marauders this titanic struggle against incredible odds shows that the team has the character and ability to take the league by storm if they can assemble their full team. Memories of the partnership between Burgess and Adams will live long in the memories of those who witnessed it as will the desperate efforts of Graham Moreland behind the stumps (although possibly for a different reason).

Man of the Match: Brian Burgess for his fighting 97

Report by Saint Field



Wily Malonie led the 3rd10 well but eventually they were defeated. Glory will surely come in the future with memories of this performance living long in the memory

(new recruits and playing kit shown in the picture will be on display in future matches…….increased

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