Brilliant day at 'The Sixes'

Sunday 12th July 2015

Brilliant day at 'The Sixes'

Today , 11th July, saw a good crowd watch the 6 teams do battle for the honour of being the 2015 Champions.The day typically was characterised with the downfall of the 'superstars' and the amazing performances of those who have waited for the day to come when they can stake a claim to fame.Ranging from age 12 to 70 each made his mark and it was a lady who claimed the supreme prize as she led her 5 to victory in the final.'The Late Arrivals' outclassed the more illustrious opposition in every game with Jonny Terrett and Cregagh Bobrarely missing with the bat and the slow guile of Sandi Terrett and Ian Shields out thinking batsmen in each game.  With David Moreland getting runs, holding catches and bowling after injury with great success the 'Arrivals' arrived at the Final on the bottom ground with opposition blown away. Even Organiser Danny Graham could afford a life as the total of 80 posted didn't save his side from defeat. Veteran Bart picked up his second winners prize in 35 years and celebrated with Josh the 'keeper who hit a match winning 10 in the last over..

The drink and craic flowed into the later hours and such was the enthusiam of the Grosvenor side that they played a friendly against the Pro and his squad where rules were bent to breaking point.

Cregagh Bob, Davy Moreland, Captain Sandi, Jonny Terrett, Veteran Bart, 'Keeper Josh - unfancied WINNERS of 'the sixes'


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