Thursday 8th June 2017



I was presented with an unusual bottle of wine, a bottle that had been bought in Australia by former player Keith Graham and given to his father Wes as a present.

Jim Barry was  Chairman of our club from 1966 to 1978 and President from 1979 to 1987 and concluded his North Down innings as Patron. He played for most teams but was noted for his vociferous 2nd XI wicket keeping role.

He was also the goal keeper in the great North Down Hockey side in the mid ‘30s when they won everything but the Irish cup when beaten in the final. He turned down NCU Presidency but was President of the Ulster Branch of the Irish Hockey Union.

He loved his Thursday Club meetings with two other NDCC stalwarts, Sammy Haire and Eddie Docherty where a few bevvies were had and the world set right.


Jim in the Dodger’s outfit 

But a vineyard owner in Australia!!


  The unopened bottle with its club colours looks set to join our artefacts unless of course a suitable bid is made for it’s release!!







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