The Titanic >was the epitome of naval architectural extravagence and Thomas Andrews was involved in virtually every aspect of its design and construction. When completed it was the largest and most luxurious passenger ship of all time, and a wonderful advertisement for Belfast and its proud shipyard workers.

The maiden voyage to New York was front page news in all the popular newspapers of the day and when the company Chairman Lord Pirrie took ill and was unable to travel, the dutiful Thomas Andrews took his Uncle's place without question. It was a date with destiny and the rest of his story is a tragedy that has intrigued historians and journalists for almost ninety years, unable to answer the question why the greatest ship of all time should sink so swiftly with such catastrphic loss of life.

What has never been questioned was his courage and dignity in those final hours, as survivors later spoke in admiration of his heroism helping others to safety in the certain knowledge that he was going down with the ship that was to give him immortality. The news of his death stunned his family, the Comber community and of course his many close friends and contemporaries at his beloved North Down Cricket Club.