31st March 1944

'Mr Morrow stated that he had received a cheque for £70 in respect of payment from the 1st Dec 1940 till 31st Jan. 1944 for the use of the field adjoining the cricket field as an assault course for the Military stationed in Comber'
'The Chairman reported that our horse had died during the winter and he wished to thank Mr Morrow's brother for the care and attention it had received from him.  As regards a horse for the coming season the matter was left with Mr Morrow'

20th Aug 1945

'An anonymous letter was received regarding alleged card playing in the Pavilion on Sunday, and it was decided that Lieut. Andrews should speak to Cairns (groundsman) on the matter.
Regarding the picture on the walls, Mr Morrow proposed and Mr Houston seconded that Lieut. Andrews should remove and take charge of the pictures until the damp condition of the Pavilion is corrected'

11th March 1946

'that the Club should endeavour to engage a professional for the forthcoming season, terms not to exceed £7 weekly with benefit'
'hockey was being played on the ground near the cricket square and it was decided to write to the Hockey Club early next season with a view to preventing a repetition and also asking them to ensure that lime was not used in marking the hockey pitch as it was detrimental to the ground'

18th April 1947

Letter from Mr W Andrews to Mr J  Mills (attached to Minutes of 5th May)

Dear Sir
I am very surprised and disappointed that, notwithstanding that I sent a message to your home on Tuesday, I have never yet received the letter which you promised me last Saturday that you would write not later than Monday, saying:-

1. You were now the responsible person in connection with my hut near the cricket ground.
2. It was not used for gambling or bad conduct.
3. That you appreciated that it might be required at any time for the Cricket Club horse, also giving the names of the others  you authorised to use it.
    Yours truly           
Mr Mills' letter of assurance that evil goings-on were not being committed in the hut was also attached.

27th May 1947

'a horse had been purchased for £12.5.0'

30th May 1947

A quote from a letter to the Committee
'I have been the first to fall foul of his grumblings but I feel confident that if something isn't done I won't be the last.'

18th September 1947

'proposed……..that the horse be sold in Belfast'
'the point regarding the increasing of rent to the Hockey Club was left in abeyance as it seemed probable that a voluntary increase would be made.'

20th November 1947

'It was decided to send the practice nets to the Ropeworks for inspection and report as it was feared that considerable damage through neglect had occurred. The Wicketkeeping gloves to be sent similarly to Gunn & Moores'

21st April 1948

'no blinkers were available for the horse and Mr Spence was asked to see Mr McNeese if he had any spare lying around'

29th April 1948

'was decided to hold a film show and lecture in the Home Guard Hut on Monday….'
'a note was read from the NCU stating the Board of Trade had made an allotment of clothing coupons and these would be allocated to clubs.  The sec. was asked to apply for 500 as most members were badly in need of same'

6th July 1948

'reported that the flagpole had been blown down and broken and the Chairman mentioned that he had a tree growing which, when felled and seasoned, would be most suitable. This offer was unanimously accepted.'