Boys Player of the Year

 1981   Ken Boucher 
 1982   Ken Boucher 
 1983   Ken Boucher 
 1984   Graeme Benson 
 1985   Graham Haslett 
 1986   Graham Haslett 
 1987   Alan Stevenson 
 1988   Andrew Macrory 
 1989   Stephen Robinson 
 1990   Gareth Fry 
 1991   Kevin Shields 
 1992   Jonathan Montgomery 
 1993   Andrew Laird 
 1994   Alan O'Prey 
 1995   Ryan Haire
 1996   Ryan Haire
 1997   Keith Hunter
1998   Aaron Mills
1999   Jonathan Keenan
2000   Andrew Haire
2001   Michael Fry
2002   Chris Napier
2003   Gavin McKenna
2004   Daniel Graham
2005   Ryan Galway
2006   Matthew Knaggs
2007   Not Awarded due to 150th Gala Dinner
2008   Scott Irvine
2009   Nathan Burns
2010   Peter Eakin
2011   Gavin Anderson / Ryan Burgess
2013   Craig Irvine
2016   Matty Gibson


 Over the years many boys have come through the youth team/s and have gone on into the senior ranks.

You may recognise a few of them!



Back Row: G Porter, W McKibben, R McBurney, T Savage, J Boucher (Coach)

Front Row: R Warnock, J Myers, D Artt, A Thompson, A Henry

Ground: D Shields,  J Moreland

1985 'squad'

Back Row: I Shields (Coach) S Hiles, Steaky, David Fletcher, Daniel Loughlin, Cave, S Barr

Front Row: S Russell, K Shields, R Graham, G Fry, T Osborne, C Russell, P Shields


1991 at Holywood

1996 Graham Cup Winners

Back Row: R Lamba (Pro), B Ireland, D Miskelly, P Law, N Russell,R Haire

Front Row: AN Other, P Shields, A O'Prey, M Moreland, AN Another

Ground: A Haire 

1996 team at 'The Green'

at Muckamore 2002

2003 squad

2008 NCU under 15 Cup Winners

Back: Coach Taimur Khan, Kyle Adams, William Mayne, Scott Irvine, Paul Ritchie, Michael Martin, Alex Malcolm-Bourne, Sam Russell

Front: Patrick Knaggs, Peter Eakin, Ryan Irwin, Lewis Dugan, Alistair Shields